Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Big Summer Challenge

Change of plans since this morning. I'm no longer just working on Survive The Net and the those charity shrot stories. While I hope to be able to continue them, I'm now facing the challenge of writing and editting a novel by August 20th. This new WIP is currently at 1100 words and counting, but it needs to be at least 80,000 words!

Added to this, I need to edit Meet Sam between August 20th and September 7th. At this stage, I should know whether or not the WIP is in the short list for the competition it's being entered in to. If it is, then Meet Sam goes on hold. If not, it's being submitted to a publisher.

Assuming the worst in both cases (that I don't get short listed and I don't get accepted) I'll be sending off another novel that I have to work on a lot for late October. This one has a max of 80,000 words, and needs to be fit for 9-16 year olds (anywhere in there). So from the 8th to the deadline of the second competition, I have to write and edit a novel (although I may begin writing it early on). This novel won't be written otherwise if I get accepted by either the competiton or the publisher.

Whatever happens, I'm now working on three novels, for three publishers, in five months. Because of this, Survive The Net won't go on sale until (a) the current WIP gets published, (b) Meet Sam gets published or (c) the teen book gets published (and of course, any of them can get denied and I'll still put it to print).

However, this only gives me more time to put the book together and organise all the interviews I want. The short stories don't count as what the competitions prohibit, so I can still write them, whenever I find the time. I'll keep y'all posted on that.

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