Friday, August 14, 2009

Tweetwall - Lying to the World

Slander? I think not!

During the month of July, a massive campaign, the very campaign that started the Word Nerd Army, was held to get one Rebecca Woodhead to the first place of the Ms Twitter UK competition. The battles were long and hard, but eventually Rebecca overcame the celebrities in the contest (including Vanessa from the Saturdays and Lily Allen).

She was Ms Twitter by right! She got the most votes, overcame her own disability and fought her way forward with spirit, haiku, six word stories and all manner of literary chatting to earn her throne.

Do Tweetwall care?

No. The top 20 people in the July competition were supposed to be kept on the winners' wall for all of time and placed afterwards into the Continental Competition. So what about Rebecca, Vanessa and Lily? Nope. All gone straight to the next level with no immortal position on the wall.

In other words, Tweetwall are lying to the world. They more or less fixed the results, and attempts to contact them, I'm told, proved futile. They refuse to acknowledge the "no-body" celebrity that is Rebecca Woodhead for her victory. This injustice cannot go on.

Spread the word: Tweetwall are lying!

EDIT: Here's the proof of Rebecca's victory too, straight from her blog. A screen-cap of the page!

Update: Tweetwell have fixed the error. All is right with the world

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Rebecca Woodhead said...

poor tweeterwall! I think a few Word Nerds stormed their battlements after this. Think they'd like you all called off now. This post has googled BTW so... y'know... you might want to remove it since they've fixed the problem now.

Your blog obviously and everything and I know they kind of 'asked for it' but they've apologised and all so I thought I'd make a plea for forgiveness on their behalf.


P.S. Thanks for defending my honour, brave knight :)