Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thirteen hours - Six minutes

That may look like an odd title for a blog - I certainly thought it would be vague. It signifies two things, things that some people know and some don't, and things that some people might have an inkling about and others will just get annoyed about, because let's face it, clocks aren't all that fun to work with.

In thirteen hours, the doors will close on the "classroom" in college, with a bunch of kids and the students they'll be teaching in there for about an hour. The kids have to teach for six minutes each, to students ranging between the gaes of nine and eleven (eleven at a stretch).

If you're confused, then I've done my job. Thought I'd become entirely straightforward these past few days, but thankfully that's not the way it is. The kids are actually third level students. I just thought I'd emphasize our youth... we're all very nervous about having to teach the students, who are actually little girls, because we have to be professional when we do it (in "teacher clothes" too!), and we're going to be recorded doing it. To make matters worse, we then have to watch ourselves teach.

I don't get why we have to watch ourselves teach. I don't see why we have to be subjected to it.

I can see something going wrong in the next couple of days. Not for me, specifically. I'd be more concerned that Meadhbh will lose her voice, or the computer will shut itself down on Aisling... but it's her own fault. But what if it shuts down on Meadhbh too? I hadn't thought of that one...


Yep, she's screwed. That computer can only be on for so long before it decides it wants to shut down unless you tell it not to, and no one is allowed to interrupt the lesson to make sure that the thing stays on.


My lesson tomorrow will consist of a poster and a handout. I plan on keeping things very simple. Get the kids calmed down at the end of a long day, etc etc. I get to summarise everything else too, which will involve asking them questions about the previous twenty seven/eight minutes of lesson. Fun fun fun.

In other, not-related-to-teaching news, I've finished reading Skulduggery Pleasant, and will be reviewing it on The New Book Club channel on YouTube. Yay! You can subscribe to that channel by going to http://tiny.cc/tnbc - it even has its own tiny link. That is how much I love it.

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