Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Connection is Back!

I don't know if I should feel guilty about not posting reviews or not over the past couple of weeks, but I am here to tell you that this little problem I had is now over! I have two shiny reviews to post, probably on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (and I'll probably write a third review to fill in Thursday as well).

The reason I was gone from the reviewing world is that our Internet provider here at home - i.e. the only place I have Internet access that isn't in work (where I definitely should not be posting reviews to books) - failed to let us do anything. Over the past couple of weeks our connection has been done almost every hour. We've had little bursts of activity every now and then, but never on Wednesdays when I was going to post reviews. It was very annoying. I was up until midnight last night hoping the signal would come back. It did not.

We have since received a new modem - it arrived this morning - and I have done some fiddling about, so we have now have Internet access. I just had to sacrifice the house phone. We don't have another cable available to plug the modem into the wall. Also, our desktop no longer has Internet access. I know how to fix this problem (fairly sure of it, anyway) so I'll use all those skills in computers they teach us in coll... no hang on, not in my college. God can fix anything but the incompetence of technicians, and DSL cables.

The truly annoying thing is that we had someone out in the house to look at it all, who then recommended a new modem. If my guess is right, we didn't even need a new modem. It was the wires hooking it up to the wall that are the problem. Our set-up - the one that doesn't work, but not the one I'm using right now - sends the wire from the computer upstairs, through the landing, into my room, into a little box. This box then has another cable that goes through my floor, down into the hallway by the door and into the phone box.

That didn't work.

One of the two wires or that little box on my floor doesn't work. One of those three things (at least one...) has stopped working. That is a plain and simple fact. The connection should work from the computer like it used to, but it doesn't. So I have to be right. I may be socially awkward and a little bit weird (and I sometimes under-estimate how weird I am...), but I know logic when it comes zipping through my brain. The current set-up works. The old one used to. The only difference is the wires used.

I win at Internet.

(That was an example of me being weird, wasn't it? It's for things like that that I wonder why I have any readers... or friends. I think it's so people can feeler cooler by comparison. That must be it. It makes perfect sense, because it's entirely true. Everyone is cooler by comparison to me. Enjoy being cool. By the way, I don't believe in cool, unless we're talking about a scientific measurement of heat. Why am I studying Religion?)

Anywho, long story short, I fixed our Internet connection, I will be posting reviews next week, and I am better at fixing the problems in this house than the people who will most certainly charge us for not fixing anything. And me? I'll have to clean up after dinner by way of payment.

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