Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp is Back On!

A couple of years ago, I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo. I was writing a Science Fiction novel, Bliss. I wrote sporadically and infrequently, and only had 24.5 thousand words written with five days to go. In the next four days, I wrote the remaining 25.5 thousand words that would bring me to victory. I later finished the book in the next NaNoWriMo, when I finally mustered the motivation.

This year, I'm doing it again.

As a result of my troubles with motivation and getting myself to write a lot and regularly, I've fallen behind on my writing schedule so far since college ended. So, I've set myself a Camp NaNoWriMo target (yep, we get to set our own targets in Camp, now!) of 60,000.

In reality, my target is to write:

- The Hounds of Hell,
- The Blood of Leap, and
- The Fires of Tara.

Yes, you read those correctly: those are the titles for the next three Modern Irish Myth books. And I want to have them completely written by July 31st.

More than that, I want to have The Hounds of Hell published by the end of that month, too. And I'd like to offer you a chance to win all five books in the series, including Balor Reborn and Old Gods Returned. One winner will be chosen from all those who:

1. Comment below with their Camp NaNoWriMo username and target word count.
2. Complete Camp NaNoWriMo 2013.

The books will be sent upon their release dates (so make sure you give me a means to contact you!), with any released books sent in early August.


I want to encourage more people to write, especially if you've never managed to finish writing a novel(la), and I want to offer a prize that has some monetary value.

Camp starts on Monday. Will you be joining me?

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Misha Gericke said...

I'm also taking part this month. Am editing one novel for publishing, and will be writing whatever strikes my fancy.

Goal count is 50k.

My username is iceangel. :-)