Saturday, August 23, 2008

Geneticide - Getting the Info #1

Geneticide is my latest novel in the making. What I describe as a mesh between Heroes, X-Men and my own personal madness, is a story of real life heroes, with extraordinary abilities. To keep things on a small scale, the characters cannot overuse their abilities (Ted Sprague's induced radioactivity in Heroes and just about every X-Man are examples of when abilities have been used to breaking point.) Should a character overexert him/herself, they would first begin to have headaches, followed by a nose bleed, and leading into crying tears of blood. A sign of strain I often use in the book, particularly when one character, a teleporter, uses his ability too frequently.

In one extreme case, overexertion caused one character to lose his ability temporarily. That man is known to the world as Number One, a name he gave himself. With visions of grandeur and an ability of induced evolution (the simplest term many of the characters have come to believe gave them their ability), Number One tries to take over the world. His army of haf-turned humans cannot use their abilities to harm him, and only a small number are naturally gifted. The half-turned suffer from the process by receiving a change to their vocal chords and a change in colour of the iris of their eyes. Each one has a peculiar voice and violet eyes, though males are more prone to dramatic changes in the former.

In combat against Number One are the unwilling heroes of Geneticide. The first we encounter, and indeed a series favourite, is Emily Quigley, a young woman with the ability to walk through solid objects. She lives with her friend Brock, a fire thrower (his ability is known as pyrokinesis), in a small apartment that acts as their base of operations. From there, they are trying to take down a company known as Horizon Inc. The secret to their mission lies in a story known as Welcome to the World of Emily Quigley.

WWEQ is but one story of many I have planned that will form a book known as Geneticide: Origins. Yes, the name comes from Heroes: Origins, although the idea is much different. Heroes planned to use Origins to introduce new characters into the show. Geneticide is simply giving the origin of the characters in their own individual plot. So far there are three written - WWEQ, The Secret Life of Stephen Doyle, and Eva Untouched. Eva is a secret, so don't bother asking.

Geneticide has a large cast of characters - last time I checked, the series had 97 characters on record, though the full plot so far spans a time of 80 years. Why that is, I cannot tell you. I'd be revealing some plot secrets doing that. I can tell you that the plot will have some serious bangs!

There will be more on Geneticide in the future. Until then, feel free to read the chapters I have online by clicking the title of this post!

Slán go foill.

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