Saturday, August 23, 2008

Honest Reviews, Honest Awards

Honest the Book Reviewer took Bebo Authors by storm. Honest, impartial reviews are offered to give authors a chance to improve on their own work. She has already provided the service to many authors, and has a long list lined up currently. Her hard work and dedication are what make her so unique on Bebo, and she doesn't just review, oh no. She runs a group called Honest Book Awards that help further to promote her name and give writers the praise, recognition and esteem they deserve.

Honest has had the awards going for just over a month now. She has, since then, awarded 10 Honest Awards, some being Members' Choice Awards, and an additional 2 Super Shorts - awards that are given to commend short stories of merit. Every bit of feedback she has received has been appreciative, regardless of what she said in the review. This is largely down to two reasons. One is that the author requested the review, so he/she should not be unhappy when they receive it. Beggars can't be choosers and all that jazz. The second contributing factor is that for once, a review on Bebo is telling authors how to improve, not what the reviewer thinks the author wants to hear or simply telling the author off.

I myself have applied for an Honest review... still on the waiting list that hasn't shifted in a week or so... or more. Still, Honest must have some excuse lined up!

And guess what, that's not all! Honest Book Award Competition aims to help authors improve a certain skill, from what i've interpretted. This time around, Honest has decided on a setting. I've entered a place known as the Crystal Wood... though I don't think I'll win. Ellie Dyer has better fitted into the rules. Hopefully Honest won't be too harsh in her judging.

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