Friday, May 7, 2010


What happens when you ask people do they know what PEMF stands for? Well...

Slightly obscene in nature - you have been warned!

Post Election Morning Fever
Political Ennui Majorly Fed-up
Pre-Exam Mind-Flip
Post Exam Mental Fatigue
Post Erection Member Flacidity
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Partial Emotive Fluctuation Twitches
Pretty Embarrassing Mental Farts
Pre-Exam Something Something
Please Emma Mack Face
Pre-Exam Mega Phobia
Penis Envy, Mother Fucker
Please Empty My Farts
Pulling Emits Massive Flow
Pre Erection MisFire
Pulling Erections Means Flirting
Powerful Erection, Mini Fecker

I can now reveal that, aside from the fact that I'm astounded at how ridiculous some of these were, the meaning of PEMF is....

Post Exam Mind Fuck.

Thank you for playing.

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