Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, I found a way to make myself do some work: incentive. In this case, it was Incentive Fudge. I bought a tub of fudge in work (don't ask why a bookshop sells tubs of fudge, please...) and I decided that for each of the four items on my list of tasks to do for the day, I would get a piece of fudge from the tub.

It's simple, though you don't have to use fudge as your incentive. Tonight, despite being tired, I got two of the four tasks done already. I will be doing a third one before bed, in my notebook, but I won't be able to do the fourth. It requires more time than I have, so I'll just move it along a day.

My tasks were:
  1. Review Super 8
  2. Type 7 questions and answers for the Michael Scott interview (by the way, I interviewed him yesterday! The review of The Warlock can be read here.)
  3. Write a piece for my website (I have an actual piece in mind, but I don't want to spoil it!)
  4. Write a piece for Pinkie's Blog
I have done the first and fourth on the list, and I will be doing the third, but the interview is recorded on my digiphone, so I won't be able to write that up tonight. It requires playing back on the interview a lot, and there was a lot said in it.

That said, I think if I hadn't procrastinated earlier, I would have gotten my list done. The only thing left to do instead of doing the second piece is to make a new list for tomorrow and include it on that. I have a little more time, tomorrow, since I'm in work later, so I can probably get a couple of my tasks done early on.

FYI, I learned this trick on Google+ and in reading my magazines about writing. An article in Writers' Forum spoke about freelancing and prioritising time. The G+ thing was someone's writing diary. It's a good idea and I'll be writing about it more on my website, I think. It's not something I have time to do because I'm running a website, a blog and submitting to The Phantom Zone, and I'll be going back to college, but for people who don't already have a boatload of things to occupy their time, it's useful for making sure you do your writing for the day.

Me, I just use a tub of vanilla fudge.

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