Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bloody heel!

Typo in my title? Not at all!

The shoes I wore for my grad night have led to, as before, the unfortunately cut heel. It was fine last night; a slight stain on my white sock.

It was fine earlier, when I got home from one half of school for lunch. A little yellow stain. Disgusting, but fine.

Then I put my foot into my runner too quickly. Pain. Lots of it. I didn't dare look, until I got home that is. Blood. Red blood. Disgustingly dark. In fact, here's a picture!!

Disgusting? I thought so!

I have to carefully remove the sock just now... slight tearing sound as the fabric tore off some skin. Very little skin, I might add. Mainly just dried blood and a few flakes. It didn't hurt that badly. And there's still only a scratch on it.

I suppose that's what I get for looking fabulous.... and walking to and from school twice today!

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