Thursday, May 21, 2009's confusing calculators

Well, I've been examining the calculators at recently, only to find a large number of problems with them. The pricing from Euro to Pounds is weird, represented by this little ratio (approximately):

€3 = £1

Strange? I thought so! The pricing errors on are vast and wide. At one stage, books were cheaper when bought in Dollars than they were with Euros! I complained, and instead they just increased prices...

Then there's the revenue calculator. Apparently the manufacturing costs for a 200 page book are less than £5, yet over €12. It's an outrage! And unrealistic to what the costs work out to be in the end. I can guarantee that!

I have a project on; 98 pages, trade paperback, black and white, regular paper. the price? €9.18 or £8.22!

So the manufacturing costs are quite low, but the price, without me having marked it up (it's a private project, so I don't want to pay them extra for it!), is quite high. With this in mind, I'm launching a complaint.

The book should cost me £2.95 to print; somewhere along the line, I'm being ripped off!

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