Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation - the mass!

Hey all!

So, I've offically graduated from St Aidan's CBS. Last night was the mass and afterparty. Today, I'll just be talking about the former, as I'm waiting on pictures from a teacher for the afterparty blog!

So, I arrived, dressed rather dashingly, a good forty minutes early because I had a reading. Most people were formally dressed (still wearing clothing, just not casual...) with the exception of one who wore Converse and a couple were refused to wear ties.

My reading was quite near the start, so after the Ceremony of Light and a song or two, myself, Andrew and Thomas went up to read. It was all going fine, until the last line of the second part of my reading (the responsorial psalm; psalm 27). I messed it up, as I did every time I practiced it. People in the front were laughing...then I laughed...then everyone else joined in. It lasted approxiamtely five seconds, before the priest encouraged the response.

The rest of the night went swimmingly from there. The music was fantastic; a huge applause for Karl and Carl for their piano duet! Then there came the certs...

My father forgot to take a picture; he forgot to let it last longer! So I have no photographic evidence of my graduation.... I'm not amused. Irregardless, the night went on until the Best in Class and Best in Year Awards were announced. Congratulations to Eoin Shiel, Daniel Redmond, Seán Moore, Keith Byrne-Garland and Jake Rossiter for their Best in Class Awards, and to Karl Elliott for the Student of the Year Award!

There was a brief reception afterwards; Ms Dunne finally got to meet my parents, after I navigated through a crowd of 200 to get her and get back....while guiding Kevin Murtagh through the masses with boxes. Which reminds me: the magazine is on sale! Hurrah! It only took them 10 days....to get it wrong (long story, maybe some other time). Still, it was on sale and selling!!

With conversations ending and the numbers falling (along with the rain) it was time to head off to the afterparty at the local pub, The Comet......

Next time on the Graduation Blog, I should have a bunch of pictures from Mr Tim O'Connor of St Aidan's CBS who went camera happy! You'll get to see my fancy hair and clothing for the night! Lucky you!

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