Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Friend #1

In my hunt for new ways to keep this blog going - because summer is so boring there's very little to actually report to you - I've decided to start another feature, one that will last for at least... 30 weeks. Or something like that. This new feature is Friday Friend; kind of obvious really - every Friday I'll write about a friend. 'Course, I can't tell you too much about them, you crazy Internet stalker. It'll be simple stuff, I suppose.

I'm starting with Ferris Bueller. No, that's not his real name. That's one thing I'll be hiding - it'd be rude to start telling people the real names of all of my friends. Since Ferris has been mentioned already, he seems a good choice to start with. Plus, he's the one I bother more than the others. In his own words, "I'm actually a b****x."

Ferris hails from the magical land of Meath, living on an acre of land with his parents, but he spends most of his time in Dublin. I go to college here with him, and he works in Dublin (his estimate is 10-15 minutes from my house in a car). Though, that might be how he drives - he's a fast but careful driver. Careful, most likely, because he likes his car too much to let anything happen to it. (Side note: it's the most comfortable car I've ever sat in!)

In all honesty, he's one of my best friends. It's nothing against everyone else, but I trust him with more stuff than any of my other friends. It all comes down to a few simple facts: 1. he hasn't divulged any of the things I've told him to other people, 2. he goes out of his way to make sure I'm not in any sort of trouble - my own brand of crazy and the assholes from my past both included in that and 3. he's trusted me with stuff too. It's easier to trust someone who'll tell the truth himself. And in his own words, "I'll never lie to you." Bless.

I do often wonder about people; I've been warned - by Ferris - not to worry about what people think about me. His exact words to describe me were "little self conscious b*****d". Which is kind of true. (Side note: the last word is not technically true - it's more of a colloquialism.) However, that's not going to stop me including the things I like about my friends in these posts.

So, without further delay: I like that he always seems to have a story to tell. I like that he's not afraid to show concern for people - genuine concern, not just are-you-alright-because-you're-getting-me-down concern. I like that he calls at night when he's drunk and starts retelling all the things he did that night, while also giving a running narrative of what's going on around him. I like that he trusts me enough to talk to his girlfriend - possibly because I'm always sober when he hands me/her the phone. I like that he always knows what song can make someone feel better. I like that he's not afraid to speak his mind about certain issues. I like how he keeps everyone in check - he keeps the talkers quiet and he helps people who have problems sort them out. And I like that despite the number of times I've done things that most people would freak out over, he still finds the time to talk.

I don't know for sure if I'll have such a substantial list for everyone. Probably not, since I talk to Ferris more than I talk to a lot of people, though there are plenty of things that I like about all of my friends.

As I write this, a few thoughts come to mind. Like another couple of reasons why he's first on the list! Firstly, he's not likely to see this any time soon because he's working. Secondly, some of the things I want to say about a couple of other people who might otherwise have been first are just waiting until a later week before more stuff gets added to them. Thirdly, "I'm number one so why try harder?" Ferris's words to one of the others.

Last remarks? Well, to quote the movie: "Ferris Bueller you're my hero."

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