Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review - Paper Towns

Paper TownsI received Paper Towns yesterday, as a result of the wonderful giveaway by The Book Smugglers. Devoured it in less than eleven hours, in between a few personal problems that needed addressing, making and eating lunch and consuming a somewhat over sized chicken curry that I didn't regret later on, thankfully. Naturally I had to review it, to tell people who weren't already familiar with the author about how amazing it is.

How amazing is it?
Life-changingly so. I mean, I've never really understood myself until I read this book. I still have a few questions, but I think I finally get a lot of the stuff going through my head. I'd need to scour the book for quotes to use in my defense of me being crazy, but the book more or less does it for me. Paper towns, paper people, travel, life, death, love, hate, family, friends - I get it. That's my life. This book is my life. And you know what? I bet it's the lives of at least a dozen other people. You don't get that very often with fiction. That's how amazing it is. John. Green. Kicks. Ass.

Yes, I know, it's horrible. But this is the first of John Green's books that I've read. I started reading Looking For Alaska, but I don't have a library card that definitely works, and I didn't have it with me that day I started reading it but didn't get very far, so I didn't get to take it home with me. Anyway, it was bad timing. I had exams to sit, still. But if Paper Towns is anything to go by, then the rest of John Green's books will be equally brilliant pleasures.

So, aside from being life-changing for you..?
Ah, that. Yes, the book is very funny. That's worth mentioning. I mean, I was literally laughing out loud for a few minutes, balled up on my bed, almost in tears because of one hilarious line. That's how funny it is. Even the best of comedy movies can't do that to me. Most comedians can't. And aside from being brilliantly funny, it's also a thought-invoking book, and one that really does set high standards for intellectual thought. If I thought my friends would read it, I'd make them all get a copy of this book.

Definitely recommended, then?
Haven't you been reading the review? Of course it's recommended! I wish I'd read it a few weeks ago so it could be in my staff picks at work. That's how brilliant it is and how much I recommend it to people. It will blow them all away!

Any last remarks?
I will be in search of paper towns. There will be a blog post about this at some stage in the future, when I have followed a string to its dead-end. If and when you read this book, you will understand what I mean. That is all.

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