Sunday, July 11, 2010


I predicted earlier that today would be, well, shite. I was right. Work wasn't all that great, for a start. It never is a on Sunday. When it collides with other things you could be doing (say, going to the Meath match or to the pub after, to see a couple of friends), it's only worse. Seriously, I was so pissed off that I was working today - one chance I might have to see a friend for weeks, after many weeks, too, and I'm working for it. Great.

Gave him a call (or eight) to see if I would be a nuisance going down to the pub, 'cause he's with all his friends from Meath. By the time I got through to him, I was told they were leaving in about 15 minutes. I was okay with that. I knew there was always the chance that (a) they might be going somewhere else or (b) he wouldn't want me there, because he'd be the only person I knew. Okay, (b) is paranoid Paul speaking, a bit. It was the reason I didn't head down regardless of whether or not he was okay with me being there, because I didn't want to invade on him space. That's just wrong.

So, there I was, thinking it was all fine, I'd just stay in... and suddenly I feel like I'm about to cry? What. The. Fuck? Where did that come from? I really thought I was okay with it. I really did. What the hell is the matter with me?! Anyway, listening to ELO to combat this sudden burst of bad emotions. I was told they were the music to listen to if I was feeling depressed. This is the closest I can get to that, I suppose. ELO for the night, so.

Now, if that strange burst of emotion isn't enough... well, things are about to get even more annoying for the night. There's a girl in college, who shall remain anonymous, because what I'm about to tell you paints her in a bad light. Back in May, she was annoying to a few people (side note: this is useful background info) by sending emails about our last night out. Fine, except that people already had plans, and she was using "jokes" that just made things worse (like called an email Study Tips!, and sending it to the module list of emails for the exam the next day and calling herself Ents. Officer, when there's no such thing!). I emailed her back to tell her to stop emailing like that, to stop with the things I didn't know at the time we her attempt at jokes, and to tell her that she was annoying people. She got pissed off. Badly.

We talked about it on the last night. I didn't want there to be bad blood between us when we came back to college. She hasn't said anything to me since then, but she never said anything to me before now, anyway, aside from replying to my email. I had no reason to think poorly of her. Until tonight. She's created an event on Facebook to get people in college to go to a reunion. I'm friends with her on Facebook. Anyone in the year who she's friends with on Facebook she invited to the event. Except me. She left me off the invitation list. And it's public! I can see the event. I'll be able to see who's going and who's not, where it is, when it is, and I'm not invited! She agreed that we'd put everything in the past. I explained my side of the email.

If this sort of stuff keeps up, I'll tell her she's using bullying techniques. She accused me of bullying her after I sent one email, because my friends intimidated her so much she couldn't have a bitch and moan at me about my email. Apparently I'm not allowed to sit with people at college, anymore. So she said I was bullying her. What. The. Fuck? That's not bullying, that's me calmly telling her to stop emailing before she causes trouble for herself, and me doing what I always do - sit with my friends. I can't help it that there happens to be a lot of them in the college. We're naturally drawn towards each other for not being conformists.

I shouldn't have to deal with this sort of shit. I swear, if she keeps up this exclusion thing, I will be saying something to her. Exclusion is a form of bullying. I know, because that's how I was bullied in the past. And if she denies she's bullying and keeps it up? Well, there's only four words that really sum up what will happen. The bitch will burn! (Not literally, I might add. Arson and murder aren't things I'm very fond of.)


Rebecca Woodhead said...

Aaah!! Mate!! That sucks. The bullies are out in full force this month, eh? I think you're fab. Not sure if that helps, but it's true. :) *hugs*


Paul Carroll said...

Ah Rebecca, you always make me feel better with your hugs :) *hugs* Not to worry; I don't actually care what this girl thinks of me. Taking a friend's advice and being a "mé féin-er". :D