Saturday, April 20, 2013


I spent my evening not watching Doctor Who, but at a book launch. Dave Lordan's 'First Book of Frags' provided not just a chance to meet again the legend and madman that is its author, but the opportunity to relax with friends and discover exciting new poets and performers from Ireland.

My mind is blown, and my heart bursting at the promising future for Irish literature and performance.

I too took to the stage, little realizing what was to follow. I read, quietly, two poems, one about being drunk (written about being drunk) and the other about leaving college.

I don't often identify as a poet, or read my own work publicly, but I think I did okay. I didn't quite wet myself, so I figure that's a little victory.

Those who followed, who I had time to hear, have made me want to write and perform more poetry. That doesn't happen very often.

I may make it my goal in the summer to do it every day for a month. Maybe not always live, because that's a somewhat terrifying prospect, but at least on YouTube.

In case it hasn't been obvious, I have been blogging every day this month. The challenge to write and publish something every day is not beyond me. Poetry isn't quite the same, of course, but I have managed forced creativity in the past. I do it regularly actually, because I have to write something. So maybe I'll manage it.

Honestly, I didn't expect to even set myself that challenge. The Frags did it. The Frag King will be responsible, if he even realises the monster he's created.

I'm yet to even read the book and its making a change in my life. Let's put it simply: I can't even.

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