Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No Talent? You Don't Even Know Talent!

That title comes to you courtesy of Futurama...because Futurama. Also, there was a Talent Show in college tonight, hosted by upcoming comedian Darren Lalor, and judged by the Head of the Music Department, and the current President and Welfare Officer of the SU. Much banter ensued at the expense of the Welfare Officer. Rule Number One: don't heckle the comedian with a microphone.

Other than the fact that it was a Talent Show and I couldn't stop quoting the Robot Devil, the title has no real significance. There was actually quite a lot of talent, from pianists, singers, a song-writer, a musical-theatre actor, and a Daft Body re-enactment, all of whom showed what a fun and exciting place my college is. People did things I didn't know they could do, (like people I didn't know could sing), dressed up for various acts, and ultimately gave us a reason to be there aside from the charity aspect of the event, and the pizza.

So. Much. Pizza.

Anyway, I was on the bus wishing I had taken part. I can't sing. I can only dance when drunk, and I'm fairly sure insurance doesn't cover flailing arms and legs to the face. I can't play an instrument. But I can write poetry, and I know how to deliver my own work, and all I had to do was either (a) write a long poem or (b) write a series of short poems to add to one I wrote that only the Writers' Soc have heard. I could still do that during the summer. God knows I'll have time.

But anyway: fun. It was all fun.

Especially the jokes directed at the WO, because he kept bringing it on himself. (I'll admit some of it was uncalled for, but other parts of it had me laughing too much to care.)

It was the first Talent Show I'd gone to in the college. Yes, I know I've been there four years, but somehow I never managed to make it. This time, I didn't even know who was doing what. I just wanted to go, and I was conscious enough to attend. So that's fun. (Context: I had a late night on Monday, and couldn't make a gig yesterday because I was so tired.)

I'm glad I went, despite my regrets in not parttaking (I wish I'd had to idea to do a kind of poem-medley sooner!), and I definitely think the best act won (Daft Bodies). Tomorrow night: the Ball. How did it get to that time already?

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