Monday, September 1, 2008

New Website, New Campaign, New Future

The Literary Den website looks brilliant now! It no longer freezes up, it has a new template, new info - it's just amazing! A big well done to Christopher for his hard work (and a thanks to his web designer who made the template for him!!) If you click on the heading of his post you'll be brought to our homepage. You'll see what I mean when you do. And while you're there, check out the forum and all the other stuff we have up there!

Now, onto that New Campaign jazz. We have new goals (Our basic concept is to Education, Encourage and Enjoy) and we're hoping to reach out to schools across the UK and Ireland (myself and Christopher are hoping to get in touch with the individual Ministers for Education - him the UK one, me the Irish... obviously.) With that, we hope to get more members, and help more people. Also, with the Anthology out, it'd be nice for the extra press coverage.

I've not got too much else to say on that. Although the magazine is expanding nicely. Five people interested in working on it so far - Christopher, Rachel, Andrew (AKA Eggy), Claire and I. Together we should be able to do a lot. Rachel has experience with an online magazine, I'm editor of my school's magazine, Christopher is the tech genius (and needs to update the website with new issues anyway), Eggy is predominantly an essay writer anyway, and Claire is starting Journalism. So we should be able to do a good bit of work.

We want to interview authors (published ones, sorry) to help get more attention and bring the group into the limelight (and the authors won't mind the publicity!!) We're also going to have a poetry column, articles on current affairs in the literary world, news, reviews, On the Bedside Table, Short Stories and Letters! Lots of stuff we hope to keep people entertained with while we churn out more and continue to live our own lives!!

With that, I close. Thanks for reading! (tell your friends)

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