Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Reviews: Dark Calling & Gone

Good evening! I purchased a couple of books while at work on Saturday, and earlier today I finished reading the second of the two. In tune with my older blogs, I'll review them!!

The Demonata #9: Dark CallingReview: Dark Calling

About the book...

Kernel Fleck sees lights - it's one very important factor to keep in mind. He sees lights, he had control these special lights, and now, they're talking to him. He fights demons, he's part of a weapon, and the universe is at stake in the next battle. Darren Shan (the oh-so-famous author) picks it up around there.

Was it as good as the prequels?
Most definetely. I'd go as far as to say that it's perhaps the most important book so far, as it gives the reader a lot of answers as to what's going on. The series, up to then, looked a little... well, I won't say messy, but it was at the stage where it could be hard to follow. Dark Calling filled in the gaps and gave us more than we thought we'd get.

The only bad thing...
Well, there are two, but one isn't Shan's fault. It's a typing error in the back of the book. It says the final book is coming out in 2010, not 2009, and there's a line that wasn't brought down past the actual text of the book. No, the problem is that the series is coming to an end!! Hell's Heroes is the final book in the ten book series, and should wrap everything up. It's the big problem when authors tackle a series of books - they sometimes don't know how to end them. Shan had an...okay ending to The Saga, so he knows what he's doing. I expect he's going to follow the same sort of feeling the rest of the Demonata had - it's going to be a mighty big ending!!

I heartily recommend Dark Calling!!

Review: Gone
About the book...

GoneThere are no adults. Just suddenly, they are vanish. It's November; Sam Temple is 14 years old, turning fifteen in 299 hours, 54 minutes. Precise? You betcha! Anyone fifteen or over disappears, forever. They don't come back, and there have been no exceptions. What's more, is that people start developing abilities. The world is changing around them. The small Calfornian town is trapped in a ten mile radius, coming from the nuclear power plant. They call it the FAYZ, or Fallout Alley Youth Zone. But when some people have power (the power) and others don't, there can only be trouble.

I did, and I didn't. I work in a bookshop, so I heard about this one a few months before it's release. They described it as being Heroes for the book world. So I knew then and there that there was going to be super-powers. I was waiting for them. All the while, I was loving the book. It's fast, without being at a lightning speed. It's exciting. There's a real motive behind the protagonist Sam's actions - he has only days to live before he "poofs." His story is developed, his emotions become raw, his mind is put down on the page (although it should be mentioned after that that it's not a first person narrative; several others are followed for shorter periods of time). So I expected something with powers, and I got just that. I expected something about the people, not just about the powers. I got that too. But I heard the writer, Michael Grant, worked on Animorphs, so I expected two things from that: a short book, and a bad story. For one thing, the book is in no way short. Over 500 pages in length, it takes up a lot of space. And the story? Well, I loved it.

Wrapping up...
The book was brilliant, there's no denying it. Now I wonder if Grant can do it again. Hunger, the sequel, is out in April 2010. I can't see it being so compelling, except that I know the characters now. But this is one book we all need to keep an eye on! It's a fantastic read!!

The freakiest thing about it...
Not the powers, no. It's the many similarities Sam Temple has with my own friend. Same first name, similar appearance (as described), similar tastes in music, and a shockingly close family story. Freak, freaky stuff. I struggled to keep the two apart in my mind.

That's a wrap for this one. Come back next time, when I may have actually done something on the Campaign instead of reading books for 3 days!!

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