Saturday, July 4, 2009

Writing Magazines

Well, during my ventures yesterday in Dublin's City Centre, I purchased a few things. One is an album you're not interested in, and a couple of books that I'm not interested in telling you about at this point in time. I did, however, also make a couple of purchases in Eason. I don't normally like to do this, but it was a special case - magazines.

Two of them, to be precise, with another arriving in the post at the same time. Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum are now added to my collection, alongside my two-year subscription to The Stinging Fly. The latter is pretty much made up of short stories and poetry, and I received the subscription from my brothers for my eighteenth birthday.

The other magazines are all about writing. I'm experimenting with them at first, to see which I prefer. I might like them both, but for now I'm going to assume that's not the case, for my bank account's sake. Starting with Writers' Forum, I've already discovered some interesting things to help me in my endeavors that I will be partaking in, namely trying to freelance.

This is added to the multiple novels and short stories I'm already working on. And do you know, I can't wait.

While I'm here, I may as well remind the delightful public about the Literary Den magazine and giveaway. Click here for the full story, with info on submitting and the prize.


J.T. Oldfield said...

I subscribe to to Poets & Writers and also Writer's Chronicle (in the States). They're both pretty good. I like that Poets & Writers often features interviews with editors and agents.

I got both subscriptions pretty cheap through special offers. Maybe one or both of your purchases have a good rate?

Anonymous said...

I have Writers' Forum delivered to my door every month on yearly subscription. I find it a really useful (and entertaining) read. Since gaining a new editor, the magazine has improved significantly.

Paul Carroll said...

Well, Writers' Forum is £46 (€54 or just over $75) while Writing Magazine is £55 (€64.20 or £90). While both are quite expensive, they're also only once a year. I may yet do both, I have to see. They'd save me money in the long run, but I need to see what money I have left when I return from my holiday.

Ah, you read Writers' Forum! Then the link I sent you recently was already known to you! That's good to hear. I'm liking Writers' Forum already. Lots of good stuff in it. Plus, I know (through emails) Alison Baverstock, who writes some stuff for it.