Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review - Black and White

Black and White (Icarus Project, Book 1)Kessler and Kittredge, Jet and Iridium, Black and White.

A Dublin phrase might be used to describe this book - "pure whopper." Normally I despise colloquialisms, but in this case it's rather fitting. Black and White is an in-your-face, kick-your-ass Super Hero novel that will rock your world!

Following two characters, Jet and Iridium, the novel sends us all around New Chicago as both girls learn some secrets best kept in the dark; we learn of their childhoods, their daddy-issues, love interests, their time in the Academy and everythign thereafter, all the while with the two of them hating each other.

The once-friends are now sworn enemies, and victims to the society around them. In a similar way, their friends are torn apart; same-sex relationships between heroes are a major no, and a huge surprise! I shouldn't have been surprised, if I'd been paying attention, but it got me. It snuck up on me, shouting it's head off like some crazed lunatic and boy did it make the story shift a bit!

The authors, who I was only aware of thanks to the miracle that is Twitter, each took a character to write about; Kessler was Jet, the Shadow power, while Kittredge was Iridium, the Light power. I heard about the book only a few weeks before its US release and managed to get my hands on a copy a few weeks later. I'd been dying to read it! If you're lucky enough to be able to read this book, go for it! You won't be disappointed. Otherwise, just wait until its UK release in January 2010 for the masterful first book in the Icarus Project series!

Book two, Shades of Gray, is out in July 2010 (oddly enough, this is also the same time it's due out in the UK!)

The countdown has already begun, ladies and gentlemen; only ten and a half months to go!

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