Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Need magazine help

Hello readers,

An idea arose the other day when the lovely Rachel Phipps came looking for an assignment for the Literary Den Magazine. I suggested something on an Indie Bookstore that was local to her, and from there, my idea expanded. What if we followed a different Indie Bookshop each issue?

That's where y'all come in.

I need volunteers to go to their local Indie Bookshops, or even just their local bookshop if it's not Indie, and check out a few things (details to follow, upon signing up). One important thing I need though, besides your valuable time and questioning of booksellers, is a photograph. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be you in the photo (generally if one is taking a photograph, one isn't also in front of the lens). No, I want the photo to be the view of the shop from the front door, or the view of the front door, or the most interesting point in the shop. The photographs will then all be put together as a collage to build up an important image for what could very well be the first cover of the magazine.

So please please please help! Anyone who does will be entered into the draw for one of three signed copies of our 2009 Anthology, upon submission of the final piece. Simply email me at literary_mania(at)yahoo(dot)ie and tell me you're interested.

Thanks a million!


Confessions of a Fashion Editor (Amy) said...

There's a lovely vegetarian café/indie bookshop in York. I'll take that one on, if you send me the details.

Oh - and here's the outline of my fan-fic piece proposal;

I write and read fan-fiction regularly, but I feel guilty about it, as if it's ruining print books or something, and so I've interviewed some prolific fan-fic authors about the "art" and their opinions.

I'd like to make into an investigation about what fan-fic is, where it came from, and whether or not I *should* feel guilty...

Does that even make sense?

Anyway, s'all :)

xxx Amy

Paul Carroll said...

Sounds great! I've emailed the bookshop details on to you ^_^