Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Summary...

I may have been gone for a week... that was bold of me, I know, but there are always good reasons for my blunders. Okay, not for every day, but in general, I've been busy with something. So, in summary...

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were wasted on gaming. Really badly wasted. But from what I've told myself, that's the last of my gaming until... well, at least June. I'm putting myself on gaming probation until then, so that I can focus on my studies. Whether or not the probation continues is based on how well I can get into writing mode again. If I fail tremendously at that, I will allow myself a cooling-off period, then it's back to the books... editing and writing them, and reading many a book not related to my course.

Thursday was also choir day... that's allowed, right? You know what, I'm not asking. That's allowed. And Saturday was mass day. That's encouraged!

Sunday... well, Sunday began my nightmare: Coursework Journal for English. Due in on Friday. I have barely gotten anything done... I am well and truly screwed. You see, on Monday, I went to see How to Train Your Dragon, and last night I went to see OneRepublic live... tonight I was watching Glee... tomorrow I plan on watching Lost... though I might jus watch the episode recorded... but I also have a Poetry Night at the Gutter Bookshop to attend, and choir, again. Which means, in short, that I need to work my ass off: Tonight, getting things ready to be typed; tomorrow morning, typing up at least one movie, preferrably two; at lunch tomorrow, after a drama meeting; and as soon as I get home, until it is done, but not if that intrudes on time getting out for the aforementioned Poetry Night. If I don't get it done... tomorrow night will be busy!! And if it's still lacking just a little bit then... well, looks like I'll be up early on Friday morning typing it up, then rushing into the computer room in the morning to print it and submit it and swear my head off in rejoice that it's done.

I just realised I don't know what to do for a cover for it!!

Ahem... I'll just ask tomorrow. I'm sure our lecturer isn't so cruel that he would leave us to figure it out for ourselves... no wait, he might be. And he might do a song and dance about it too...

In other craziness, I seem to be acquiring ideas at a much faster rate than usual. I think this happens when I don't have time to actually use the ideas. Three things that inspired my ideas: "General Justice", "Materialistic Bishop" and one of my own tweets! I know, crazy. I remind myself of Walt Whitman now... only there's no way I'm posing naked for my own book! And I won't insist on multiple editions of it, just for the ego-feed!

Oh hey, you know what's fun.... I actually don't know. I typed that while reading a tweet (that didn't include those words) and I have no idea how to conclude that sentence. Someone conclude that sentence for me! There will be a prize of some sort for the best answer. I might write you into a story... or write a poem for you. Anything to procrastinate just a little bit more.

Days of lectures left: 7

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