Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review - Equal Rites

Equal Rites: A Discworld NovelThere are two types of magic - Wizard magic and Witch magic. That's the sort of theory that everyone believes in Terry Pratchett's Equal Rites. Admittedly, everyone is a bit stupid in these books, though they refuse to admit it. They live on the Discworld and think in a very primitive way; women can't be wizards. Ever.

Your point is..?

Oh right, the review! Okay, so the book is actually quite funny. See, the whole story revolves around the eighth son of an eighth son - a wizard. The problem is, the eighth son is actually a daughter, and she's been given the staff of a wizard. Now, while this doesn't necessarily make her a wizard, it does give her access to wizard magic. Like the whole women-not-having-a-vote thing that happened in the past, Esk - the female wizard - lacks a few rights... like access to the Unseen University! She learns how to become a witch, instead, but the wizard magic is always there. It makes for a lot of fun havoc.

Good book, then?

Of course! I'm a huge fan of Pratchett. Okay, so I haven't read a lot of his works, but I'm still a fan. I couldn't put the book down... until I had to. Literally. But I read it all, anyway. Finished it, loved it, and didn't really want it to end because the characters are so loveable. This happens all the time with the Discworld books; I fall in love with the quirky characters and then when the story ends I have to try find someone to replace them. Thankfully I have four more of the books on my shelf unread!

Wait, what do you mean you had to put it down?

Eh, it's complicated. I had to do other reading... and I had to sleep. I think that's allowed, right?

No. No sleeping.

O...kay. Sorry.

Hold on, no. I'm not. Because I still read the book! And I really, really think other people should too. Because it's amazing. Because Pratchett is one of the finest writers. Ever. It will be a huge loss when he stops writing (because we've all been told he will have to stop writing.) So... so read his books! Really. You won't be disappointed. They're fantasy, yes, but they're also about the people. I mean, the magic part of these books is just a little added bonus. Trust me, they are wonderful books. Especially this one.

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