Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review - Into Battle

Into Battle (The Seventh Tower, Book 5)With the summer well under way for me, I dived into my reading list (and a few others not on the list!) and started with Garth Nix's Into Battle, book five of the Seventh Tower series. It's been a while since I read any of those books, so it took me some time to catch up on what was happening - there were lots of 'Huh?'s and 'What in the heck?'s, but I finally realised what was happening, and no - I hadn't skipped a book. Thank God for that.

The book follows Tal and Milla on their journeys to do what's right - you know, save the world. Really, it doesn't get more right than that. These books feature rich histories, cultures and class systems the likes of which I didn't expect to see in a series for younger children when I first started reading them, and they're made all the better for it!

What did you think of the book?
Overall, a great story. I keep having to remind myself that the writing is simpler than that used in his other books - without being too simple to not enjoy the book. It was a fun tale to follow, and when you get into it, you really want the characters to succeed. I love the expanding folklore in the books, showing us more and more of Aenir and filling us in on the little tricks that can be done with Sunstones.

Is it better than the other books?
Honestly? I can't remember. It didn't disappoint, though. It contained the same type of story, and given that the events of each book follow each other it made it fun to read. The pace is sustained throughout, and despite the seriousness of the events, the book was still really fun to read! It's not something can be done easily, to tackle a tough topic in a light-hearted way without taking away from it. Top-notch stuff!

Who would you recommend it to?
Garth Nix is a fantastic author in that his books appeal to both boys and girls. This one is aimed at pre-teens, but that shouldn't turn others off. If anything, the ranking systems will be better appreciated by older readers. It's a fantasy book, so if that turns you off, don't read the book. Plain and simple. If you're looking for something fun, this is the book for you.

What next?
Well, the final book in the series, The Violet Keystone, is already out, but I won't be reading that for a while. I have a few more books to read before then, and a few more already read that I'll be reviewing soon. In order to catch up on my reading, because I've been reading things not on the list, I'll be posting out of my usual reviewing period. Whether this becomes my common practice for the summer is yet to be decided - it depends on how quickly I read some books - but for the time being I'll be picking up the pace. Besides, I have to make up for no review last week!

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