Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twin Madness

Back when we were due to start college again, my brother asked a few of us on Facebook one simple question: "what time are peeps heading in at?"

This is a simple question, and required a simple answer. Unfortunately for him, I was the only one online at the moment, and though I was in the same building, I still decided to respond. I do advise you click the links we each posted.


Him: you have issues...


Him: yeah, a lot of issues...

Me: <3 br="br">

(At this point, a friend popped in. We'll keep her name a secret, and call her Le Friend.)

Le Friend: lols at the twins! Imma heading in for lunchtime. Got things to do!

Him: now you're just being ridiculous Paul... so 12ish [Le Friend]?

Le Friend: emmmmmmmm maybe. have to shower and go into town for a few then college

Me: Now?

Him: alright cool. Ignoring Paul, what about everyone else?

At this point, the conversation nearly ended. But sure, it was good fun while it lasted. I'm fairly sure I annoyed him a little bit, but only insofar as he wanted an answer, and instead received undiluted insanity, sparked by the excitement of getting to see my friends for the first time since before teaching placement.

And for the record: yes, this is how I spend my time when I'm not in college or writing. Memes fo' life, yo.


NicTei said...

Wait, how did I not know you're also a twin!?!?

Paul Carroll said...

Don't ask me; I haven't exactly been secretive about it!