Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Beside me is a green folder. In it is contained a list of projects I wish to complete by the end of the year, and the various tasks I need to do to actually complete them. These are all books or other, associated, writing projects.

On my desk is a green envelope. I have spoken about this before. It contains a number of topics to write about. Essentially, it takes the control away from me, but makes things more exciting.

Here is one simple fact about these green items and their contents: they stand to make my life much more interesting and fulfilling if I could actually get around to addressing the various items within them. To that end, I'm hoping to increase my writing output over the next few months.

This will not be an easy task. I have exams to face - Dreaded Exams - and tiredness to battle. Right now, the latter is kicking my ass.

What I want to do is set myself up in such a way that I can produce twice as much per day as I had originally intended. Not one item per day, but two. Obviously, on days like this when the tiredness is too much and my eyes hate me for looking at a screen, I can't over-write. But other days? Not a problem.

While my lectures go on for a while tomorrow, I do have an opportunity to do something of value with my time. I'll have a few hours after college to actually write. I am yet to decide what I will write, and will probably see how I feel. If I can't decide on anything, it's to the item on my wall - from the green envelope. If I want to address one of my larger goals, I'll go to the folder.

It's simple, right?

I managed at least five hundred words a day during teaching placement. Who's to say I can't write even more now that the actual stress of day-to-day life is significantly less? I'm going for it. I am. Two items a day, about a thousand words a day. On weekends (and Fridays), maybe three items per day.

Tiredness may be beating me now, but these items of green won't stand a chance once I get started.

I'm screwing myself over, aren't I?


Unknown said...

Maybe. At least until after the exams. Question: are you happy with what you write when you are exhausted? I find my brain generally quits work before my body does.

Paul Carroll said...

That's a good question. Typically speaking, if I plan on writing something important, I'll write it before I get tired. Usually my eyes give out before my brain, unless I've been working constantly the entire day (on something that requires a lot of thinking).

Of course, last night wasn't typical for me. I was tired from having been out the night before, so I wasn't expecting to write much, or something I would need to use for a bigger project. So, I wrote about my actual decision process about what to write instead :-)