Friday, March 29, 2013

Designation: Lazy Day

For the first time in way too long (so long that I can't even remember) I had the chance to sleep in until noon. Yesterday was my lazy day. I wasn't hungry enough to have to bother with breakfast, and I was allowed to sit around playing Bioshock Infinity on the PS3.

For the past few weeks, I've been stuck in a cycle. Mondays, I had to read for two reading seminars on Tuesdays (which I could have done over the weekend every week if I was smart about it) while also attending the Feedback Forum. Now, I'm happy I actually attended (especially considering I chair it...) but it's not a good idea to leave lots of reading for the night, too, so I was getting to bed pretty late, with a 9am start on Tuesdays.

That 9am start was followed by lectures until 4.30pm, with a break at 10am and an hour and a half lunch. This lunch was used on a few occasions for missed classes, so my day was regularly worse than I'd have liked.

Wednesdays were generally quiet enough for me to get my comic books before college, but then I had to read for another seminar for Thursdays. Thursdays were okay, but I was usually too tired to do much, so that by the time I finished lectures on Fridays, I had to do as little as possible. Once I came out of work at the weekends, I couldn't be bothered to get much done, before the week started all over again.

Add to this a bake sale in college one week and English week the next (which required me to set up, control and take down the lights for Drama Soc, a task which would have been much more difficult if a couple of people hadn't helped with the actual lifting of the lights to make sure they didn't break), and I was pretty damn exhausted.

Hence: noon yesterday.

Such was my tiredness that I spent most of my day playing Bioshock Infinity. It's the latest game to join the ranks in this house, and the first game I've played on the PS3 all year, if I remember correctly. I blame TP for that.

To gauge how much I played, rather than thinking of it in terms of hours... let's just say my eyes were bloodshot come bed time.

However, shooting white supremacists wasn't the only thing I did with my day. Having begun planning a book the day before, I decided it would be worth completing. The end result: a massive project that I actually feel equipped to complete during the summer. I had planned on writing this book last year, and I'm glad now that I didn't. The notes I had for that book weren't nearly complete.

So, while I had a lazy day, I still managed to accomplish something. I don't believe a day should be wasted, even if I want to spend most of my time killing game characters with hand cannons and a murder of crows. (God I love Bioshock!) But it was a mostly lazy day, and one I think I really, really needed.

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