Thursday, June 6, 2013

What Do I Write About?

I'll be honest: even though I know I want to write a blog post today, doesn't mean I have any idea what to write about. This is the biggest problem with trying to write every day when I don't have a plan of any description. I get lost for ideas, not sure what I want to talk about from my day-to-day experiences, and not having much else to talk about.

I've had this same problem with writing poetry this month, too. Yes, I force myself to do it, and yes I'm happy with some of the material I've produced, but overall it's been a case of really, really having to try to just find a topic. Never mind the actual writing part of this. That's the part I can handle.

I think it's actually going to come down to having to draw up a list of topics, both for the blog and the poetry. It's not the most authentic writing experience, but it means I'll be less likely to be stuck for a piece of work. Actually putting together that list is a little bit difficult, of course, because I've already exhausted a great many ideas over the course of this blog. Without writing explicitly about other people, it all boils down to what I can say about a particular topic, or what I can say about what I've been doing since I finished my exams.

But here's the thing: getting back into playing Skyrim and reading Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman are not quite the blogable experiences I'm looking for. (Other things have happened, but that's an entirely different matter.) My life, for the most part, has not been newsworthy since exams ended. Except, you know, for the birth of my new website.

What has effectively happened, though, is that while I've been struggling to come up with something to blog about and taking a holiday after exams and college, I've been getting lazy. I wish I could say I've been writing a huge amount every day, but I'm still very much adapting to life without exams on the horizon.

So, I have nothing to write about, in a very crappy sense.

I want to write. I'm sure I could find lots to say, if I had some sort of direction. I can definitely produce a lot in a relatively short period of time. It's getting to the starting line that's the problem.

What do you reckon? Is there something you want me to write about on this blog? I've got a month to fill, only a couple of suggestions from a friend (the evidence of which I can't even find!), and a mind drawing blank. (I'm going to blame exams.)

To put it simply: What do I write about?

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