Sunday, August 24, 2008

Review - Death's Shadow

The Demonata #7: Death's ShadowAbout the book

Death's Shadow is the seventh book in Darren Shan's Demonata series, where we enter once again the eyes of Bec. In a newly formed body, Bec finds herself 1600 years in her worlds future. When the world becomes threatened by a powerful demon known as Shadow, Bec and her gang must travel through the universe of the Demonata to a ship in the middle of the ocean, thanks to Kernel's ability. Following the usual epic fight, the reader is left perplexed as to what will happen next - we have no idea who lives or dies, how many lies have been told by Shadow, and whether or not certain things perceived in the eyes of Bec really did occur (I'm being as vague as possible with the details so as not to spoil the plot)


Death's Shadow is in keeping with the rest of the Demonata series for its blood, gore and suspense. While we leave the mind of the most common protagonist, Grubbs, to explore the renewed Bec, we are not let down for the usual humour in the narrative. As Bec has the mind of Bill-E, she acts very similar to the way he and Grubbs used to act. This gives the reader an air of familiarity, all the while leaving many questions unanswered. A great read and a must for lovers of the series.

Did Death's Shadow meet up to the standards of the other books in the series?

The simple answer - yes. And not only that, it has set us up for a sequel where we hope to get some more answers. I cannot fault Shan for anything he did... besides confuse his audience about some details.

Most like?

It's a series novel... what do you think?

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