Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sleep, please

I need sleep. Seriously. This act of trying to function like a regular member of society becomes increasingly more difficult with each disturbed night that I lose sleep. I can understand the sort of sleeplessness associated with going through a tough time emotionally, but for frick's sake I'm over that! That's the past. This is just verging on ridiculous.

I literally haven't stayed asleep throughout the night for the past three nights running. First couple of times it was because of the heat in the room. Incidentally, I suffer from the exact opposite problem in the winter months when the room is too cold to get to sleep. But I digress; the heat was keeping me awake, and then it was stirring me from my sleep.

Last night, I thought things would be different. I was sleeping well. Admittedly it took a little too long to actually drift away into the Land of Nod, but I was rightly out cold.

Until That Guy I Am arrived home and the alarm went off. Not the blaring Someone is Breaking In alarm, but the beeping that's associated with opening the front door when the alarm is set. Beep beep beep WAKE UP PAUL! At half four in the morning. He ruined the one chance at a good night's sleep I've had in two weeks.

I literally did not fall back asleep. By the time I was tired enough to sleep again I had to use the toilet. Five minutes later, my alarm to get up for work went off. So there goes those three hours of rest I could have gotten.

I need to sleep. Please let me sleep. Please? I'm asking nicely. Seriously, if you wake me I'm going to have to kill you. Them's the consequences of waking me. I'm like a sleeping dog, only I can hold a knife.

Okay, that was slightly hyperbolic (I love that word!). But seriously, wake me up and you will suffer the consequences. I'm weird when I'm tired, and not in the good way. People will begin to notice, except that I'm staying off the Internet for most of my time off so that I don't say something stupid.

It's too early to sleep. Too bright out. My curtains do nothing to block light. They just filter it into a different colour. Absotively useless. They were my mum's addition to the room. My dad's addition was adding shelves that don't hold an awful lot, breaking my bed a bit and adding the flat-packed furniture. The wardrobe looms overhead like a great white beast. It's a couple of inches shy of the ceiling.

I digressed, again! See what happens when I don't sleep. This is why I can't write too much, these days. My thoughts are going sideways. Okay... tea. Yes, I think I need more tea. Too tired to stay awake, but I won't sleep with the noise of the neighbourhood children and their screams that pierce my eardrums, and the cars driving too quickly through a residential area roaring as they pass my house. The sun hasn't quite set, though it's hidden behind houses so it no longer blinds me through my bedroom window. It's still bright out, though. Not even that grey light that falls over everything like in the winter months when the sun has gone down just enough. And not the orange glow of the street lights flaring their sodium bulbs with a slight buzzing. It's just the faded hours of an autumnal Saturday slipping away into half-light.

Yeah, I need sleep.

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