Friday, July 1, 2011

A Year in Blog Stats

One year ago, Blogger introduced stats. These allowed for people to track how many pageviews we received, where they came from, what they viewed, stuff like that. I thought it'd be fun to share stuff like that, so here's the run-down:
  • I posted 151 posts since July 1st 2010 (not including this one)
  • I received over thirteen thousand pageviews (I'm still shocked that anyone bothered to read anything I wrote)
  • I took a two week "holiday" in August, another break at the end of September into the middle of October, then a two month break in December until February
  • I posted 37 reviews of books and CDs
  • I discovered several new authors
  • I caused a stir with tantrums, and NaNoWriMo
  • I was linked to a lot by two popular blogs
That's just some of it. If it wasn't midnight I'd go through more of it. However, IRL I've gone through my second year in college, continued to make amazing friends and realised how great the friends I had really were. I wrote a lot of fiction, read a lot of books and I think once or twice (or five or six or seven times) I lost my mind. (I think I found it again, somewhere.)

So, I can face another year like that, I guess. I'm still reading away, and Lord knows I have a lot of stuff to read for college next year, I have a head full of crazy ideas (really, really crazy) and I know that time and time again my friends will show me that they're even better than I first thought. Also, something really mad: I'm going to turn 21 within the next year.

Permission to feel old?

Granted. It's weird to think that this blog will be three years old in August, too. Everything's getting older, everything change, and I'm sure I'm not the same person now than I was back then. I've done Big Important Exams, met Really Cool People, changed my outlook on life and I've written more than I thought I ever would.

Do I have plans for the year ahead? Nothing's set in stone, a lot of stuff actually depends on chance. Except for the fact that I'll be reading and writing a lot. That's a guarantee.

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