Monday, May 24, 2010

Enter the Final Phase

Lost is over for good, two exams left to go and my head is going more than a bit crazy. There's also the best Facebook Group for the Irish, ever. If none of that interests you, you might as well go away.

Okay, my personal opinion on Lost? I loved every last second of it. The finale.. beautiful. I can't imagine how they could have done it any better or any worse. Critics are divided on it, fans probably are too, but the important thing is that it ended the show successfully. No questions can be asked about the end - it was what it was, and as not everyone will have seen it, I can't even go into detail on that. But it tied up the plot neatly and efficiently. Whether or not people loved it as much as I did is a different matter. Each to their own, as they say.

Exams. Right.. didn't do much study today. Very little for my Varieties of Fiction exam tomorrow, actually. I read the books a couple of weeks ago, but that's it. It's not until one. I can manage. Right? I did for Poetry and Drama. I'm sure I'll be fine... Pentateuch on Wednesday, then. That should be fine...except for the anticipation. That may ruin the exam for people. Wanting to get out as soon as humanly possible to go to the pub. At one. Yes, in the afternoon. Then we're done until September. Those of us who don't have repeats in August, that is. Unless someone was excluded from an exam, there's no telling who'll be there in August, not until June.

Crazy time? Yeah, I think so, too. I may have had a bit of an emotional breakdown yesterday. My mum knows, don't worry. She came in to make sure I was alright. I don't think I was right in the head again until earlier today. Had the company of Eileen, Fiona, Blondie, Walshie and Cabrina, and I made a phone call to Liam. I think it all sorted me out. I'm just hoping I don't enter a stage of out-of-control enthusiasm (beyond what I'm normally like, anyway). That's one of the signs of depression, and it's not something you can fight against. Better just keep an eye on what I spend my money on, and focus on the future, not how quickly I can get rid of my wages.

As to the group... Liam made it last night. It's growth was slow to begin with, largely due to the fact that by last night I mean half one in the morning. But it's been going mad ever since. Over 450 people, now. You can join it here: You have a God given right to walk in the middle of the road to a GAA match. I recommend you join it. Especially if you're Irish.

So.. yeah, that's about it. I may or may not have plans tomorrow immediately after my exam. I shall see. It all depends on Liam, really. If I do have the plans, I'll tell you all about them when I get home tomorrow. If not... well, I might still have a blog post. If you don't see me tomorrow... well it won't be at least until Thursday before I pop back onto the blog. Wednesday = The Great Big Piss Up. I don't drink, but I probably won't be sleeping, either. Fun times await!

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