Friday, May 28, 2010


As many people know, I have plans. Many, many plans. Some of them involved many of my friends, some are mroe specific to particular people, and some have to do with the college as a whole. (Side note: I've discovered that much of what I talk about these days has to do with college; this is not an entirely negative thing. I refused to discuss exams, my results, or anything like that. My plans are more to do with the socialising section of the college.)

Okay, some stuff is too personal/secretive (we like our secrets, we do), but I can fill you in on some of the other stuff; during the summer, I plan on going to the zoo. I know, adventurous. It'll be good fun, though. I haven't been since 4th year, and there are new animals since then! I might even adopt an animal! I'll see... It's on the "maybe" pile. Actually, might be related to one of the secrets. Need to see how things turn out.

Aside from that, nights out. I know, people do this all the time. Not me. I didn't have too many nights out during the college year, and by this time next year I hope to have changed that! I will be going out to gigs and whatnot, and hoping someone can do me the favour, if I end up going out in such a way that I stay in his place overnight, of keeping a spare t-shirt and a tooth brush in his house when we're out, so I have something to change in to for college the next day without having to go home... we'll see, anyway. He's dead sound, so he mightn't have a problem (most likely, he won't have a problem if he has no problem with me staying in his place overnight...)

I've started writing a new book, too. That's part of my summer plan - write it and edit it. That, and Meet Sam. Both are a bit of a riot. Lots of swearing and humour. The new one, Dignity, will have a few more innappropriate things, and is slightly biographical, if you can call it that. Investigative journalism meets narrative fiction!

Dignity, then, will play a role in September; I want to see if the college library will stock it and anything else students write. I want to start up a writers' society in the college and hope to inspire some courage in people to let their work be displayed for the whole student body to have access to. If it can be arranged, I'd like to get the books printed specifically for the library, using the society's funds. And I'll be ensuring copyright is protected on all these books, too. This will, hopefully, be the start of something big in my college! It's not just about getting the books out there; it's about getting people to have courage, to get their names out there.

I'm also planning birthday presents. Need to buy most of two of them tomorrow, with the rest of one being bought on Sunday or Monday. I have plans for two other birthday presents, too. All will be sorted out soon. These presents all kick ass, by the way. At least, I hope they do. One of them definitely does! The recipient will love it, just for the idea of it!

Okay, I literally can't say anything else without revealing at least one of the secrets. I need to make a phone/Skype call or have a face-to-face chat before I can even go into detail on any of this stuff. But I'm quite proud of the idea. Whether I can get the person I have to call to do it is another story!

What are your plans for the summer?

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