Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

So, on Tuesday I went to this Drama workshop - acting in front of camera. It turned out that the workshop just became a "making a film" workshop, which works better for me. I wasn't up to acting, all that much. Anyway, we split into teams - 3 people in my team, 4 in the other - and we put together a scene. Each team has a similar scene, which was the basis of our plot, and following that we put together plans to shoot more footage next Tuesday.

I'm the director. It is crazy! I didn't expect this to happen. At all. We've got some really cool ideas for this short film; it'll be simple enough to shoot, and then we're on to editing it to make the simple footage look very awesome. I don't want to reveal too much, yet, but if I get a chance I'll put it online.

In other news... I'm way behind on essays (so why am I blogging?). I've to do loads of reading and loads of writing... and instead I'm going to a family party tonight. And I'm working tomorrow (I've been in work two days this week already - I actually have a proper job?). I'll be reading a lot before and after so I can start writing on Monday. And I have tutorial work to do... summer made me lazy. Also, missing friends and catching up for five weeks doesn't help...

Okay, I have to cut this disjointed garbling short so that I can have tea to stay awake. It might be a week before I blog again... Unless I get my essay done early enough to blog. Then I'll update you on the film and whatever else happens! Oh college life, you are so busy.

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