Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rhyming Thoughts

My head is weird. Fact. I mean, really, really weird. Sometimes I think in rhyme. Or I get a first line of a poem in my head and I have to find a way of finishing it (or else!)

The result of this is a few odd little rhymes. Mostly they're posted on Facebook, because my status updates are boring otherwise. Mostly they get ignored on Facebook, too, because not everyone likes poetry. And they're not great. That also attributes to it. Here's an example of my rhyming rubbish:

Too much time alone is never enough, 
And some people play this game; 
Suffer the silence and the lies; 
Nothing again will be the same.

Dreadful, eh? I can't stop them happening. I think I have a writing deficiency since college started back. It's making me do things like this, because finding the time to write is difficult. I suppose if I was bothered enough I could try type short pieces every evening, or on the bus on my iPod, but that requires more energy than I generally have.

And yet I'm blogging..?

Okay, someone needs to force me to write! NaNoWriMo is coming up. I could attempt that, but I don't know if I actually have the time to try it. Or the material.

I have a week to decide, anyway. And to read a lot for college. And to start writing more essays. And stuff like that. Busy busy busy. It's "Reading Week" now, so we've no lectures... but that doesn't make things any easier. And there are only four weekends in NaNoWriMo this year! Egad! We had five last year! And I'm probably working all the time, anyway!

Maybe the iPod idea will work. Short writing sessions, poor typing... all I'd have to do is email the pieces to myself every time I write them and voila - I'd have something written. If That Guy I Am continues to cycle rather than get the bus it means I have lots of time in the mornings to attempt writing a novel.

Did I just talk myself into actually doing this? I think I did. I'm a bad influence on myself.


Anonymous said...

Paul, you sound like a manic-depressive.

Paul Carroll said...

Anonymous, you sound like a passive-aggressive.