Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, in the middle of my study of the ever-exciting Sacraments* I began to explain to the people of Twitter how I am annoying. They have refused to agree or disagree with me. I even asked for a vote. It turned out 100% to say I was annoying, but I was the only voter. Kind of spoils the process of voting when not a single person does it.**

I know I am annoying, though. I know this because I have been told I am annoying. Not by my family - they don't count. No, I was told by my friend; we have a silent agreement that he's allowed to be brutally honest with me. This was one of his not-so-revealing-revelations. I am annoying. I am constantly annoying.

Want proof? Okay...
  1. I turn far too many things into sexual innuendos - I think it's funny, but mainly because I need something to laugh at and they're easy.***
  2. To finish an argument, I drop an insult and walk away before the person can do anything about it. No matter how much they want to shout a comeback, they can't just yell out in public, and they can't wait until I come back. It's over by then. Victory.
  3. Tonight, while tweeting, I talked about three things in quick succession: religion, shit and wanting to make a phone call but not having the time because I had to study.**** Yes, I talked about religion. Can you believe that? And shit... well, that was actually my desk being a mess and using the word crap to describe everything that wasn't notebooks.
Is that enough proof that I am at least mildly annoying? Or do I have to start talking to you on the phone without stopping, until we reach one of those awkward moments when no one is saying anything and I still refuse to hang up because I want to talk? And still say nothing. I've done that before. Several times. I've been told it's annoying. Along with the kind of nervous laugh I do when I don't know what to say. Surprised I didn't publicly humiliate myself by putting that into practice during teaching practice!*****

So, official voting time: am I annoying? And on what scale?******

* If you want to torture somebody, make them read up on the Sacraments. Though be sure to let them have a break if you're trying not to kill them. The boredom will do that.
** Note that this is how you take down a government: get no one to vote. At all. Not even the politicians. If you really want to fuck everything up, just don't let anyone vote. Eventually the parties will kill each other for power.
*** That's what she said.
**** I still have to study...
***** Practice practice practice... don't worry, aside from that public humiliation, I also had to face up to half the teachers who were there when I was in that school for learning purposes.
****** For drunkenness, you measure on a scale of 1 to Coppers. What do you measure this on..?

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Mariya Koleva said...

I, too, do No. 2. It's really annoying. People get furious by that. I don't know how sensible is that behaviour, but speaking of annoying :-)