Thursday, May 19, 2011

Power Surge

This morning was horrifying. There was what my dad and I are calling a power surge. We don't have any other explanation. At about five in the morning, alarms were going off outside. House alarms, I mean. They wailed angrily at being disturbed, waking a few of the residents up.

In our house, the alarm was silent. The extractor fan - or, the extrapolator, as I call it - went on to its lowest setting. But, the most horrifying part of it all was the iPod dock in going on. My dad's iPod was in it. It has music on there for my mum. Westlife began to blare from underneath the floors. It was terrifying, utterly terrifying. I mean, I though exams were bad, but this was scary beyond belief!

To make things even weirder, I have just been informed that the lights all along the road my dad takes to work were out. It was still early in the morning. They were needed.

So, I have come to a conclusion. The power surge was caused by one of four things:
  1. Someone really messed up in the power station.
  2. God decided to make us re-think this rapture stuff (for better or for worse).
  3. There was a lot of static electricity in the air.
  4. Someone has developed the mutant ability of electrokinesis but cannot control it.
Personally I prefer the last option. Sure, it's dangerous, but it's also nerdtastic in nature. Dublin would be a weird place for mutant-kind to first appear, though. The population is sorely lacking for the probability to be high enough.

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