Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 18: How Could I Forget?

Would you believe I was forgetting to blog today?

Well, it's true. I've spent the past few hours doing some planning work - not on books, but on my life - and I paid my grandad a visit. I was getting ready to go to bed, and well, this happened.

I'm going to be brief: the only writing I did today was the flash fiction story, Love Talker. It was fun. It has sex mentioned in it. It's in the aftermath of Balor Reborn, like the others stories have thus-far been. And did I mention the sex?

It's also a fun way of looking at another Irish fairy. Irish fairies were interesting.

You know what else was interesting? Coppers Uncovered. I went to see it last night, because I'd heard good things and I knew 1/8th of the cast. I brought a friend, we laughed, we had a beer - turns out I don't dislike beer - and we laughed some more. In a shockingly accurate portrayal of Irish courting habits, the play was a delight and a wonder, and I recommend everyone go see it before the current run ends this Saturday.

You can get tickets here:,+Ireland

I really recommend that you do.

Anyway, last night also gave me a chance to talk to the aforementioned friend that I brought, and I forced him to have a home-made cookie. The usual look of shocked approval appeared on his face. Job done.

One of those same cookies was my breakfast this morning, with a cuppa. Sure it would be rude not to.

But I can't just leave it there, can I? I can't just tease you with a cookie and a cup of tea. So, I'll leave you with some advice that had been written onto a folder I was using in first year, and that somehow managed to fit into whatever bag I was using at the time:

Good night, ladies and gentlemen!

P.S. Here's the obligatory reminder of the free books that I have to keep pointing out to people - rude not to, etc. etc.

Balor Reborn (US/IRL):
Balor Reborn (UK):

Old Gods Returned (US/IRL):
Old Gods Returned (UK):

You can also buy The Hounds of Hell at either of the links below:

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