Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 8: Basically Winning at Life

This morning, I slept in.

So much for that schedule, right? There's no way I could write even close to my goal, right? Wrong. Even waking up late, I wrote over 4,300 words before lunch. Admittedly, I haven't written anything since, but here's the important part:

I finished writing The Hounds of Hell.

When I get back to writing, I get to start The Blood of Leap. Here's the thing about that book: I've wanted to write it since August 2012. I stayed overnight in the very castle in which the book is set. In my head, I've mapped every detail. In the plan, I've planned a massive shift in the series.

Getting this far is a big deal for me, not just because I've been wanting to write the series for a long time and had to jump over a few hurdles to get back to writing it (hurdles in the form of: teaching in September, having to hand in a Research Paper, having to write a direct a short Christmas play, January teaching placement, double the workload in college for the second semester, exams, and PEMF - a definition for which you'll need to go back to 2010 for), but because in the minor scale of Camp NaNoWriMo and my aim to write three books in 31 days (though, that includes a 5,000 word head start on The Hounds of Hell), I'm actually a day ahead of where I planned to be.

Am I sacrificing life for this? No.

While I've spent the day indoors because I can't stand the heat - never mind the sun - I've got plans this evening to see friends and eat pizza. We've passed our exams, and though I've seen college friends and celebrated that fact with them (though for me, those celebrations were at a friend's birthday party), I haven't actually celebrated with my secondary school friends.

So, I'm doing that today.

(Side note: damn it's hot.)

Anyway, right now I'm contemplating whether I should start writing The Blood of Leap now, or if I should work on the artwork for the trailer for The Hounds of Hell. I'm not sure how difficult it's going to be, just yet.

I think that actually decides it for me, doesn't it? I'm a day ahead on the book, but I have next to nothing done for the book trailer which is due to be released tomorrow. Head in the game, Paul, yeah?

So, I've decided that because I'm writing a lot, and I'm still seeing friends, and I'm happy and I'm working, I basically win at life at the moment. All I need to make that official is a bank statement that says "I told you so" and an official Winning At Life certificate from someone in a position of power, like Michael D or Jesus or Spiderman.

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