Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 7: Family Things

While I didn't reach my word count target for today, I'm not actually that fussed. In the morning, my family spent time together over breakfast, and when I got home from work, we spent time together again. I've still completed a chapter, and I've gotten over 1,100 words written for the day. It's not 2,000, and I'm not caught up, but I have a plan.

This might involve not really talking to people much tomorrow. Such is life. But here goes:

Wake at eight. Immediately shower, have breakfast, and do all those sorts of things that can hinder a day.

At twenty to nine, I write for fifty minutes, roughly. My target: 800 words.

Every hour for the next three hours, I have a target of 950 words. By lunch time, I'll have over 3600 words written for the day.

At half twelve, I record the audio track for the trailer. I'm giving myself half an hour to do this. I'll probably edit out the hiss of the microphone and the sounds of breathing while I'm at it.

I'll then take a forty minute break, for lunch.

The next fifty minutes, I'll have another target of 800 words. Every hour following, until half four, I'll have a target of 950 words. By the end of that, I should have 6350 words added to my total, which should be more than enough to complete the book. I'll be trying to avoid the Internet in all of this time, but I'll probably pop in to tweet whether I've reached word count targets.

At half four, I'll blog about the day. When I'm done, I'll be leaving for dinner with friends from secondary school to celebrate us all having completed exams. I don't know when I'll be home.

I think it's a fairly good plan, and it'll see me not only catching up on Camp NaNoWriMo, it should ensure The Hounds of Hell sees its completion. This means I can start The Blood of Leap a day early, which takes the pressure off when Tuesday comes around. I'll need to do a fair bit of artwork, then, so I don't really want any delays.

Basically, with my plan tomorrow, I can win at life a bit.

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