Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Book Club

The Sooper Sekrit Project is finally public! Introducing The New Book Club on YouTube: your chance to be part of a group that will read a book a month for... well, I suppose until it stops.

Rather than embed a video and make this easy on myself, I'm going to talk you through the whole thing. *ahem* It all began a month ago, when I decided: "Hey! I want to get more people reading." So I went about trying to find a double's partner for this thing. I failed. Kristina Horner has too much going on, understandably with her own channel, her band, her blog, her school stuff and her job. Yeah... Then Barry Hutchison didn't have time, because his book just came out and he's already doing a thing for HarperCollins. A guy in a bookshop in New York can't do it, because he doesn't have time. I don't know many other details. And Sorcha can't do it because... well, she never said, but it might have something to do with her exams.

So, it's a solo thing, for now. And likewise, for now it's a children's/YA books thing. Come 2011, if I can get a partner in this, I'll try open it up to adult fiction as well (not adult fiction, but fiction aimed at older readers).

The format works like this: Every month, a new book is read by the members. I review the book online, in video form, and open up the floor for discussion. Comments, video responses, etc are all part of the experience. And at the end of the video, I announce the next book. I have special slots for the Big Summer Read and the Big Christmas Read, and my Book Horror Book for Halloween. Three brilliant books already fill those slots, and people are going to love them!

So, the book that will be read for March is... *drum roll* Skulduggery Pleasant. That's right, Irish author Derek Landy headlines the project with the first book in his series. I hope it was a good choice in fiction...

To get involved in the project, fly over to and subscribe. Next month, you'll receive a video in your subscriptions box and there I'll be reviewing the book and telling you what the next book is! Simples.

I'll also be embedding future videos right here, and updating my Twitter followers on new videos from both of my channels. Toodle pip and all that, and thanks for reading.

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