Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's Always Tomorrow

I'm having a problem; tomorrow is always there for me to say, "I can do it tomorrow." This gets a lot of stuff put off until a later date, like a project I thought up last night when I couldn't get to sleep, and all of my college work.

I've got a coursework journal to do, on top of two essays, my religion tutorial work (every week for that one...) and I have my own writing to do, as well as maintaining my blog, the Literary Den blog, releasing the Poetry Against Cancer book, and promoting it, and I've got reading and stuff to do... and drama. But that'll last two weeks - the competition will be over by then.

Aside from my "Wrote Today" Chart, what else can I do to keep getting things done? I mean, there's so much to do, so little time, and I can feel my exams creeping closer! Ah!

And yet... here I am on Facebook, playing Cafe World, and watching television. Call me crazy... Actually, that's about it - call me crazy. It might help.

When I find myself able to control the madness in my life, I'll let you know. It might be June by then, but hey, I'll have control....


Anonymous said...

Hiya Paul,
Came across your blog through the Inkwell writers newsletter. Looks good...know exactly what you mean about having a pile to do...have loads to do, but still log onto twitter and facebook first, it's a habit I guess and an hour later I still haven't started "real" work. I'm a children's writer based in Cork btw. Cheers! Olive

Paul Carroll said...

Hi Olive,
Thanks for reading! I had a feeling Vanessa's newsletter might send *some* traffic my way. Didn't expect a comment though. It's made me very happy indeed ^_^