Monday, February 8, 2010

That Thing Called Lent

So, Lent's coming up - Wednesday 17th. I finally decided what to do (because giving something up is too easy, unless you're doing a 24 hour fast - das iz hard, yah).

So, what am I doing? Inspired by a hashtag on Twitter, I'm keeping a Wrote Today Chart, and an Edited Today Chart, all the way through Lent. The idea is simple - write down what you wrote in the day (and what you edited), with the intent to put something on the chart every day, and maybe even beat what you wrote the day before (without jepardising your job, studies or friendships - though don't let them get in the way of the chart).

If people like the idea, I'm going to design a chart to print off. It'll be in colour so that it looks somewhat important on your wall. That way you don't just look at it and think, "It's just a piece of paper).

Leave a comment in the blog or DM me on Twitter - leave contact details (i.e. an email address). Preferrably the Twitter DM, because then your email doesn't have to go public, ya know? ^_^

Peace, Love and Potter,

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