Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yet another magazine update

Remember that mad idea I had of wanting to write my own magazine and selling it on Lulu.com? Well, that's been changed today. The magazine is still very much the same, but I'm looking for a team of writers to help me do it!

So far on my rota is Lisa Sills, a fabulous young writer from Wexford, Ireland. I know her through the Den, which helps. She's going to be writing a very special autobiographical article, following her path to literary stardom each month. Essentially it's a blog type thing of "I did this this month." Once we have her second feature, we'll be grand.

My own pieces are: a piece on ethics or motivation, recommended books, and the following of my Sooper Sekrit Project.

But we need your help. Firstly, we need 2-3 more writers to take on full positions in the magazine. No backing out after one issue, because that escapes the point. It'll be a fun thing to do, with a chance ot make some money. Secondly, we need readers. If you'd like to receive updates on the magazine, email your name to anonwritermag(at)yahoo(dot)com -- when the first issue comes out, I'll let you know. It'll be free to download, and to print you only need to pay the print costs (and P&P). We won't make money from that one.

Spread the word - the hottest new Indie Magazine is on its way, and it needs YOU!

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