Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm probably the first person who'll admit that there's something a little weird about me. I write - a lot of writers I know are at least a little crazy. I think it's something to do with characters disagreeing with our plots... in our heads. Crazy! I also Vlog, though, which is weird in itself if you're not used to it, like my brothers.

Then there's my ability to become obsessed with things very easily. At the moment, my obsession has led to the fourth playing of Tom Milsom's album Painfully Mainstream today alone, and a total of 73 Doctor Haik-Who so far. That's two obsessions at once... I'm learning. Normally my attention is focused entirely on one thing in such a horrendously... okay, obsessive is the only word coming to mind. Horrendously obsessive. That's me.

Okay, so I'll admit my Doctor Haik-Who are at least productive. I'll be writing a letter for one of the potential agents soon. And of course, I still have to write them. Can't stop that. (By the way, my new video is directly related to the Doctor Haik-Who!)

I do find that my obsession gets work done, though. Not just the Doctor Haik-Who, but all my other writing. I get thoughts going through my head about The Jump and Riders of Nebwey all the time, and occasionally The Hero of Edge. It's fun, actually. Bizarre, voices-in-my-head fun, but fun nonetheless.

And I've my "Wrote Today" Chart too, now. That's a positive step towards increased productivity, I reckon. Go chart!

Speaking of that chart... I think I need to update it. This blog will only consume more time that I don't have if I keep writing tonight. I've got to check stuff for college... secretly, so my parents don't know that I haven't done the work yet. *whistles nonchalantly*

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