Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review - Yuck's Fantastic Football Match

This lovely two-in-one book is a hilarious little book for children aged five and up; two stories, lots of fun. I received this book from Simon and Schuster Kids only earlier this week, read it today, and I have to admit, even though I'm a little bit older than their target market, I still enjoyed the book. This, I reckon, is good news for the authors, Matt and Dave (they have surnames, but they don't announce them on the cover - Morgan and Sinden respectively, in case you were wondering.) Before I get into the guts (well, there aren't guts, but there are equally disgusting things) of the book, I want to say that this book is perfect for parents who still read to their children! Plenty of times in the book to comment on the book and keep the child thinking - we've been told in college that asking children their opinion of something is very helpful for their education, and I don't believe it should be any different at home than at school!.

So, the book. I'll start with the title story: Yuck's Fantastic Football Match. Straight away I thought, "Oh no, football. I hate football." But it didn't matter. The book doesn't dwell too much on the football side of the story. All the little football terms really are little - heading and passing and chipping - and are completely understandable for any five year old. Just because it's about football, doesn't mean they can't read it.

The book, the entire thing, not just this story, is filled with disgusting things like mud and boogies and insects - in other words, all the stuff children love! The more disgusting, the better. At the age they should be read this, they'll relish in the idea of all the filth.

I read this on the book and had to hide two things - one, obviously, that I was reading a book for five year olds, and two, that I was enjoying it! It's full of humorous jokes and tricks that will have kids filled with delight. Story two in the book, Yuck's Creepy Crawlies, is a much funnier tale, I'll admit, and much grosser. In case you haven't guessed, lots of bugs and insects, slugs and even a big fat spider! I know some children are afraid of spiders, like some adults, but it just makes it even funnier when you reach the story's climax!

It can't be stressed enough - this is a must-read for children, especially if they're just learning to read. It's fun, giggle-inducing and packed full of disgusting ideas to keep them amused for hours!

Yuck's Fantastic Football Match comes out in the UK on April 1st, 2010, from Simon and Schuster. It retails at £4.99.


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