Saturday, June 12, 2010


There's not much I can actually tell you about last night that wouldn't cause problems for some people. I can summarise it very briefly and without detail, though. So, good night for me, anyway. Liam proved to be something of a legend and I had a good time going crazy on the dance floor. There were some slight hiccups along the way, but I had a great time, and I got Liam the drink I owed him. Admittedly, I was very sneaky about it; he ordered his pint and said he was going to the toilet. I ordered my 7UP (yeah, I'm that cool) and said to the girl behind the bar, "And take for his pint too." Sorted. He gave me the dirtiest look, but I think he liked the pint anyway. Sure, I told him I owed him a drink. It'd be rude not to get it for him.

I really wish I could go into detail on the legend mention, but too many people might read this. Let's just say a few people got what was coming to them as regards an attack on their pride, self-esteem and attitude, without him even having to be a prick about anything. He was his usual self - polite and calm, though with a couple of drinks in him. Not that that matters - the people he was talking to, people I knew and that he only knew about because of last night, were also drunk. And he approved of one of them. Success!

Did I mention madness on the dancefloor? I think I did. There were also the kisses for the girls. Emma and I teamed up on them, one of us on each cheek. It was hilarious! That was also on the dancefloor... this is coherent dammit! (I got, at most, four hours sleep in the last thirty six hours... woo hoo?)

*checks list of things of interest in the night* Ah... not an awful lot more I can say. Liam's girlfriend called though. He had me talk to her again, just for the craic. The conversation was fun. She was still in Achill, and she was quite drunk again. She's a funny drunk. The good kind of funny, not the I-want-to-keep-my-distance-because-that-person-is-acting-strange funny. We had a good laugh over the phone (and my half was entertaining to Liam, too) about Achill locals following her home. In the spirit of the night, I suggested she point them towards sheep. She tried it, it didn't work. The obvious conclusion, I decided, was that they don't like to have sex with their cousins. She said they might have been their sisters. Incest is not their game. We settled at that. Though the Achill men were not impressed by her suggestion that they were sheep shaggers. Good thing they didn't hear what I said, then. I was sober, but hyper. What I said is entirely forgiveable. I'm telling you that now, in case you're from Achill and reading this. It was a joke. A joke at culchies. If she was anywhere else with sheep the same jokes would have been made. I also had Liam laughing when I referred to her as Miss Emma. Good times...

Hmm... there are a few short things written in my list. Knacker farts and white bread sandwiches are two of them. The latter disagrees with Liam, I think, resulting in the former. Pleasant.

Also, a fun piece to keep you amused:

Stranger at Party: Do you have any cigarettes?
Liam: I have plenty of cigarettes!

Liam didn't even take them out of his pocket.

Aside from that, there's stuff I can't mention. It's not even that interesting, to be honest, unless you're in the particular circle of people that know what's going on. So I won't go into detail on it. I'll just summarise with: some bad things happened. *ambiguous*

At the end of the night it was morning. Five in the morning, or so. I got into my bed at half five, having gotten a taxi home. Had to give the driver directions the entire way. Good thing I was wide awake! I couldn't sleep, though. Didn't help that I felt like I had to keep to my word - I told Liam I'd give him a wake-up call at twenty past nine. If I fell asleep, which wasn't likely anyway, because it was so bright, I wouldn't have woken up to call him to wake him up for work. Still, I was on to him earlier today (once I'd listened to Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel) and he's gotten into work (I recognise the number he called from, oddly enough... it's not the first time he's called from it.) He has a hangover, yes, but he's there. Very curious explosion of the phone line, or something, though. Maybe he just hung-up very quickly. I don't know. I'll ask him if I get a chance. Well, I will get a chance. When I get a chance is another matter. (turns out I could bother him in Yahoo chat if I wanted to right now... but I won't. He's working. Plus, he has an email entitled "I'm an alcoholic" to read, inverted commas included.

Doctor Who and Domino's Pizza later. There's two reasons to stay awake. Oh, and I wrote three poems today. Three! And they're not depressing! One of them is actually based on the legend incident above. Sure, it'd be rude not to...

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