Friday, June 25, 2010

Top 3 of Star Trek

When I was a young lad of nine, I was into Star Trek. I know, I didn't really stand a chance after that. Ten years later, I don't have much time to go looking for when it's on, and I can't remember most of the characters' names. However, in recent weeks, I have come up with my list of the Top 3 of Star Trek - the three greatest male actors I remember from Star Trek (or that I know were affiliated with it).

So, Number 3 is the wonderful power-nerd Wil Wheaton. I have very little memory of him on the show, hence why he's not any higher than that. But I do know that he writes, he acts, and he's generally awesome. Plus, this video pretty much finalises everything.

In Number 2 is the wonderful thespian Patrick Stewart. You can't not like Stewart. He's a funny man. He's a legend. And he was in this scene, acting as himself, on Extras.

If you don't laugh at that, there's something wrong with you. I recommend going to a doctor or getting into a fight at a bar.

Now, the man you've all been waiting for: Number 1 is... WILLIAM SHATNER!! Explanation? Well, he's the coolest person in the universe, really. It's that simple. Two videos this time, because that's how cool he is. Enjoy the musical awesome that is William Shatner performing. You will be blown away.


Disagree with me? If you do, you're probably wrong.

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