Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strange Dreams

I'm sure lots of people have weird dreams. I know I do. I prefer not to talk about them, mostly. They're filled with dark things, dark, dark things that shouldn't be spoken of. Mostly I'm fine after them. If not, a few hours later and I will be. This morning, very strange dream. Strange, yet... I don't know, it didn't upset me, per sae, because I was kind of in control of it. It hit me in a state of semi-consciousness.

I'll spare myself the task of retelling the details. They're not exactly pretty. Plus, it's the aftermath of the dream I'm really interested in. See, it featured someone in my life, and as I attempted to overcome this dream through fiction, using real life to do it, I came to a realisation about someone that may or may not be true. I am yet to confirm this. When I do... if I do... well, it's none of your business.

However, I did get an idea for a book in all of this. This is the whole point of this otherwise short blog; I'm not abandoning you, nor am I abandoning anything else. This just came to mind. It must be done. And I have my soundtrack music to it - LA Woman, by The Doors. Fantastic album, from what I've heard so far. As soon as iTunes has finished with it, I'll begin writing.

Ah, speak of the devil. Off I go, ladies and gentlemen. Jim Morrison and I have strange worlds to traverse.

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